Wednesday, October 3, 2007

oh, one more "wild" thing

we didn't get a pic, but we saw THE peacock...remember, "bk" (lovingly referred to as before kids) when R and I went to the zoo with a picnic lunch...the grape story? we dropped some grapes (accidentally on purpose) and the peacock followed us and ate them. It was so amazing (but not right...of course, you should "never" feed the animals...:)...) because you could see the grapes travel all the way down it's throat. I am SURE that was the same one we saw today. It lived (a little rough around the edges) but alive just the same! Oh, and in Pittsburgh, PA today (aside from a detour due to 28 being closed due to a landslide...the weather was warm, gentle breeze and just pleasantly perfect.

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