Monday, April 4, 2011

WOO HOO!!! ....Seeds of Purpose Give-away ☺

We discovered the "Seeds" stuff a few years ago.  I can't remember exactly how or what...but it was around sharing with another parent at church about kids being scared to go to sleep at night.  It went something like this...
"we let our kids listen to praise music as they are going to sleep"
"have you heard of Seeds?"
"oh my goodness, they put Scripture to music.
it's catchy and you and your kids will be "singing" the Word!
we've dealt with the night-time monsters and God's Word makes a difference."
they let us borrow a cd.
the next week I ordered four more :).
that Fall Seeds came to our church and did an awesome concert.
(i found some practice pics i took before the concert)
they got the kids involved in leading worship and gave our worship team
a little seminar on worship as well.

And....we've been "planting" every since. ☺
Seeds sent me a copy of the Purpose cd to give to YOU!
Seeds of Purpose 4

There are 2 copies of the cd.
one for the winner to keep
and the 2nd included so you can "plant" as well.
Here is what you need to do...
check out
Leave a comment telling me where you will "plant" the additional cd.
if you would like additional comments, be creative ☺
you can have up to three extra comments.

the winner will be announced Monday April 11!


  1. Hi Annette! A little birdie told me about your blog;) so I decided to check it out...way cute! I've heard about Seeds and just haven't taken the time to pick up a cd but, I love them too. My daughter loves to listen to her bible cd's in the car this would be a great alternative. BTW I'm reading Made to Crave & loving every minute of it!

  2. Hi Annette! I didn't know you had a I'm excited to poke around. :o) Thanks for hipping me to Seeds...I hadn't actually picked up a CD either, but I love listening to the samples. Ok, so the additional CD? I'm helping out with the Teen MOPS group at my church, and it would be an AWESOME gift for one of the girls!

  3. Hi Annette! This looks like a great giveaway! I haven't ever heard Seeds but I look forward to listening to them. I love scripture songs! I'd give the 2nd Seeds CD to my family with 7 children 11-5mo. :-)

    I love the new look to your blog! Spring! :-) Blessings on your week! Love ~ Tabitha

  4. Hi :) Seeds is new to me - but sounds so very fun! I would give the extra CD to a local famly who are new believers :)

  5. Annette,
    Thanks for introducing me to Seeds. Never heard of them, I have to say, until you mentioned them on my blog. I think I would plant the other one with a lady from my MOPS group who could really use something like this!
    Bless you!!~Always Alleluia

  6. I know I haven't commented in a while even though I've been I thought this was a good place to start! I would prob. give the extra one to a family member.

  7. Hello! I am new to Seeds myself, and would love the opportunity to share their music with a few of my close friends who are striving hard to raise their kids the way God intended. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!!!

  8. Hi there!

    This is my first visit to your site! I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing about Seeds. I will definitely check it out! I have someone on my heart who has just gone through several miscarriages and is desperately trying to have a second child. I think scripture put to music would be such an encouragement to her spirit and I know her little guy (age 4) would enjoy it too!

  9. We (myself and 2 1/2 year old twins) sing, sing, sing many of our days away. And we are always encouraged to find new music that cultivates deeper understanding of God's truth. Thanks for pointing us in that direction. many places/people to share this music with...I would love to pass it on to a young family whose mama is following after Jesus hard-core while the papa is tottering on the fence regarding what he believes. The three kids can't help but innocently shine His light. I'm excited to see the papa embrace God's love for Him...soon!

  10. I've been hearing about Seeds for a while and checked it out for the first time here. What a great way to plant the word in the hearts of children! I would love to give one to my nephews.

  11. Oh and I don't have children of my own so, in addition to giving one to my nephews, I would give the other one to my nieces. They have had a difficult time with their parent's divorce and I know this would bring encouragement to them.

  12. Thank you for reminding me about this series. I've read of it one other time. Encouraging and uplifting Bible verses set to music are always my favorite choice for praise and worship music for my grandkids AND for me. Thanks for having this fun contest. I would keep one cd to share with my local grandkids, and send the second to my long-distance grandkids. :) Thank you :)

  13. What a great giveaway! I LOVE Seeds!! We have one of their CDS, but I would be delighted to have another one. With my birthday money, I just bought a CD player so Tobin can have one in his room so he can listen to Scripture and music as he falls asleep at night. This season of my children's lives when I can pour the Word into them so richly is such a treasure.

    If I win, I would send the extra copy to my cousins in British Columbia. They live on a remote farm there, and have young children who would greatly benefit from this CD. (What am I saying? We ALL benefit from these CDs - young AND old!) ;-)

  14. For my first extra comment, I'd like to say that I especially like comment #6 above. ;-)

  15. For my second extra comment, I'll tell you that the Seeds CD we have is Seeds of Purpose...which is great because I want to raise my sons to be men of purpose!

  16. Last, but not least, for my third extra comment, I'll tell you that, at our old church, I taught the children the song "Greatest Commandment" from Seeds of Purpose, and we performed it for the church.

    OK, I guess I'm done now. Thanks again for doing this giveaway! :)

  17. My kids listen to music as they go to bed too. But we don't have any like this! Would love for the 3 of them to be singing scripture!