Friday, November 2, 2007

mischievous Indian princess

I just want to say again...thank you THANK YOU to Grandpa, Tim and Rodney for making our "girl" week possible. We had THE best time and will treasure it until we are together again. Charis and "mommy" missed the airport trip as we were off to see "Pocahontas". We had a great day...the play was "top" education disguised as entertainment. Our favorite moments were when they started and told us..."you can listen with your can even listen with your toes...!"...when they used the blue cloth to make the river and the rain...(the ever changing props were very FUN and creative!)Oh, and C says besides the favorites, she liked EVERY part. My personal favorites were at the end when P (who died at 21 from small pox) asked if there was any way there could be a happy ending. The answer was to take the cross and place it in center stage. Of course, they left it very "open ended" and more pantheistic than anything...but I choose to take that small opportunity as a moment of worship pointing straight to God. Yes. He is the "happy" ending. Whether intentional or blind action, how very appropriate.
One more favorite/cute/random of the girls in C's class has very, very long hair. In passing Charis said "mom, look how long her hair is...if she ever decides to get it cut it would be perfect to make wigs for sick kids". I like the way this girl thinks.

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