Friday, November 2, 2007

SO priceless

still got the "football cradle" for gassy tummies magic!

I have to add this...Rodney I lOVE you. You are the best daddy ever. Seeing you with baby Bethany brought back so many feelings and memories of when our little girls were babies. Those were not easy days...but mixed in with the challenges..the exhaustion...the tears and sleepless nights are precious memories. I love you differently today. More because of the hard stuff we have gone through. I guess I love you with deeper understanding...hopefully with growing patience :)...with a more willing heart to do the WORK of loving. And with you, much of the time it is not work at all. Thank you. May God continue to grow this art of loving thing out in our marriage...May our children and those around us be blessed as a result of the work of God in our hearts. May we be protected from evil...and when pride, selfishness and all that junk gets in the way may God return us to the place of grace and strength where we should have been all along. It is not always easy, but we choose to love well by the power of an act of worship.

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