Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas "stuff"

This is the Christmas village that was "passed on" to us. I love that the turkey that is worshipping Jesus is as big as the deer and the street lamp...I love that Charis and Hannah set it up all by themselves :)...(I didn't love so much having to stop a "sister" fight half way through and divide up the accessories so it was "even")...I love that there are 3 nativities, a Bolivian Jesus, an Israeli one, and an American...I love that before it was given to us the girls weren't allowed to touch it and now that it is "ours" it doesn't matter if it gets's just Christmas "stuff". I love that it reminds me to well as to let go and let my girls do their thing :)...and that what really matters is JESUS. It is all about HIM.

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