Monday, December 31, 2007

rice crispy snowmen?

I'm not sure how I thought they would turn out :)...maybe a little more like the "Family Fun" standing up with little candy buttons for faces...ours turned out more like melted, dirty snowmen (due to all the chocolate sprinkles which turned out to be a favorite). It was a great, sugar covered, completely sticky "hit". As soon as we were done I thought I heard "what are we going to make next?" to which I thought...or maybe your wildest dreams "next"! mommy has had enough marshmellow stickiness to last until next winter. I am not so good with this age...I like it when the brain and body actions actually connect and make sense other than just random throwing of sticky sprinkle"ness" everywhere. AY ya YAAAAAaaaahh. Oh well. We all survived and some even seemed to enjoy ALL of it. :).


  1. Hmmm looks yummy! Hi Charis and Hannah. You look like you had fun!

    Love you,


  2. Charis will probably remember it for a long time. All that mother daughter bonding time that seems so small to us but so big to them.
    Makes me love you even more because I know it wasn't an easy one, you did it anyways just for them.

    love you,