Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"piranha" hour

whoever came up with THAT was accurate. Everyone wants a piece of you. NOW! Around here it starts about 3:45. I start to panic, realizing dinner is not as far along as it should be...I didn't count in enough time to cover the time it takes to have four year old helping hands (you can just FEEL the frustration, right? oh, and if I was more organized with my day, or AT ALL, I would have gotten more done and wouldn't be staring at sticky, dirty dish covered counter tops and stepping in left over gooey grape jelly from breakfast)...as I'm making Shepherd's pie and thinking, if only Michelle were here, she makes the best pie crust ever...grrr...this is impossible...if that little girl sticks her hand in the flour one more time "she's gonna blow" or something...at this point calling down all the patience of heaven to come to my rescue with full understanding that the school bus is just around the corner, waiting to deliver a "starving" 6 year old with a thousand and 3 needs of her own...that doesn't even count homework. Today, I know that the Holy Spirit himself calmed me (not being "flippant" it's just that God is practical sometimes) and gave me enough heart/head sense to completely forget the "lattice" pie top I had planned and to just roll it out and let her cut out hearts, instead. Oh yeah? really? ...that WILL work!!! and there was enough crust left over for 6 year old busy hands to help as well. (no matter how much I rolled that stuff, it just wasn't going to stretch to fit the pan in ONE PIECE anyway...) Notice H's "dinosaur" heart if you look really closely. Now, I think I need a vacation. Nevermind, I hear the car pulling up in the driveway...better go set the table because it's time to EAT. :)


  1. Looks yummy :)

  2. way to make "lemonade" out of lemons!smart mommy! looks like a fun V-day meal!