Monday, April 7, 2008

Mary, Martha, Martha, Mary...WHATever....

that story annoys me. (I'm not in a bad mood or anything :)...) It just does. Martha always gets the she's the "bad" one...we all know Mary chose what was "better". How would that feel to be singled out by Jesus and "corrected"? I think it all has to do with balance. Someone has to do the "hospitality" stuff. I know where I would have been. Sitting at the feet of Jesus with Martha yelling at me. Possibly Jesus told Mary that he loved her and was glad she spent time with him and everything, but that it would be ok...and yes, even important...for her to do "acts of service" as well. Of course, Jesus knew Mary was more sensitive and would be crushed by public confrontation so he took her aside and gently "taught" her.(that's why it's not recorded...I don't know, just my version.) I don't think it really has anything to do with good person/bad person...rather choices and priorities. We all have times in our lives that the more "Martha" attitudes are revealed...distracted, NO faith, stressed out, complaining, yelling at everyone around because they are NOT doing what we need them to...and times when we choose what is better and just stay in the presence of Jesus and let him fill us. What an "insult" anyway, being worried about physical food when the very "bread" of life was sitting RIGHT there. (she must not have been around for the fish "tricks"...or just in general had "trust" issues)...I think Mary knew and was convinced that she was weak while Martha still thought she "could" do something...SEE?! that's what I'm talking about. We read this and miss the whole point because we become so busy trying to judge/figure out what was wrong with Martha.

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