Saturday, April 5, 2008


the rockin' violinist
something just did not seem right to be at a Newsboys concert without being surrounded by a big group of teenagers...or being able to leave at the end without praying "O Lord, please let that group remember to sit in the front so we don't have to have that little talk about not making out in the back of the van..." all that good stuff :) There were several opening bands from Canada. I was impressed by the crazy rocking violinist. That was amazing. There is a huge amount of "abounding" wild energy and passion exhibited by these college age, young adult type people. What a great time of life to be in...! The whole world and life is ahead of filled with anticipation of WHAT the Lord is going to do and HOW you are going to be a world changer...I'm thinking, add a wife and a few kids for each of these guys and they will be singing a new "song" :)...possibly "lullabies". I just can't help myself :). I was very much impressed with "Rush of Fools". They had their act, music and message together. Nb's opened with "shine" and a downpour of confetti :) and of course came back for the big end with "my" song Breakfast ...and they had to show off their spinning drummer...that was cool. :) They really weren't much different than the last time we saw them...still preach and worship Jesus and put on a good "show". I would say, read all my notes from the Living Proof Conference last weekend and and compare the Newsboys message, yes even scripture, and they hit pretty much the same points, just louder and the "man" version. I love it that the Word of God is living and active and when it speaks to me IT IS EVERYwhere. I think Beth Moore would dance at their concert too. :) Now, that is a fun thought.

Newsboys "Shine"

the "spinning" drummer

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  1. Tim and MichelleApril 5, 2008 at 3:42 PM

    that's fun that you went to a concert :)...its been awhile since I've been to one...maybe even before I was married???