Friday, May 30, 2008

the backback

I love this girl.
here are some pics. We went glow in the dark mini golfing in celebration of the last day of school. R helped with the kids field day - we've come a LONG way this year....her teachers were so proud of her. She is actually loving reading and does it just for fun. I never thought we'd reach that day. attached is a pic. of her backpack and I thought it would be appropriate to include the 7 top things you may find in a 1st graders backpack" ...or at least in Charis's :)

1. dirty, old "abc" gum
2. a rock (of course) probably to go with the tadpole she found in a puddle and brought home 2 weeks ago
3. a+ spelling test
4. old snack wrappers
5. webkin accessories
6. rechargeable go with most important of all...lastly
7. old cd player for long bus trip

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