Sunday, October 5, 2008

zoo :)

sea horse amazing creation

turtle girls
R's other fav.
R's fav.
SO cute!
peek a boo!
latest exhibit
H's fav. ROARing lion
he says it's "stinky rhino poop"
Charis fav. baby elephant
Bug Girls
As I type Rodney is on USA 3000 enroute to FL to help Todd and Laura (moving up) drive one of the trucks. Today was the school field trip to the zoo - H's first field trip EVER. oh, Rodney's first zoo field trip as well. I must say, have R along on a school trip to the zoo made it a different experience. Notice the pic of R and H on what he told the kids was a pile of rhino "poop". It was NOT. They thought that was great. The rhino put on quite a show for us. R's usual fav. of course were...the sharks. Coming in at a close second - the big blob sting things. Charis's fav. was the baby elephant, as well as the elephant we got to watch fill up it's trunk like a straw and then empty it in its mouth...very exciting (and STINKY stop). Hannah's fav. was the lion's. R got the lion pretty worked up - it was ROARing it's head off. One of my fav's were the sea lions. No picture can capture the intricate AMAZINGness of these creatures. I am sure that my faith in God is stronger just for seeing them again. (they have also doubled in size since last time). One of my other all time favorites...of course the sea lions. I just can't help but laugh - they are such show offs. In most pictures you may notice the extra big sized lollipop's that have become a "field trip" tradition. Today Charis passed on the tradition to Hannah. They were the stickiest sugar intoxicated sisters you ever did see. Please pray for R, Todd and Laura, and family as they load up 2 moving trucks and travel up over the next days.

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