Wednesday, December 31, 2008

trading in slippers for iron shoes...

heard this Sunday...(well, part of it)
let us press on to acknowledge the Lord :)

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  1. Practical Lessons

    •Take each day as it Comes

    •Don’t try to force the future…let God Lead

    •Don’t be full of anxious thoughts

    •Do each day what God gives you to do

    •Rejoice in the Lord Always (Philippians 4:4)

    Good advice in starting the new year. Not all easy to follow unless we are drwing from the Father each day and even then can be a challenge at times.

    Tougher words to hear were,

    A Christian is a person who is:

    •Completely fearless

    •Continually cheerful

    •Constantly in trouble

    I guess these are areas we work out as we "workout" our salvation or in better words Sanctification! :)