Sunday, January 4, 2009

I kid you not...

that Friday, two minutes after her hair was trimmed, I noticed a big chunk of GUM?!?! on the left side of H's head. Peanut butter to the rescue and a few missing hairs later, crisis completed.
I also "kid you not" that the next day, at a wedding, right before the ceremony begins, I notice chunk #2 on the right side of same child's hair. You have got to be JOKING?!. Whisper "what made you think to do that?", "did someone give you that helpful gum storage advice?. LATER, she explains that she got it from "Charlie and the Choc. Factory" (although lessons can be learned from this borderline "creepy" movie...well, let's just leave it at that). You know, the little girl who turns purple b'cause she gets greedy in the bubble gum department? She kept her gum behind her ear, Mommy." of course. I should have known. One groomsman to the rescue with pocket knife/scissor thing...and you will notice in following pic that quite a bit of hair lost this time. see the hair/gum on the right side?...:)
Also, kid you not...that the little ring bearer was adorable. While he did not do the chicken dance he did stop midway to the alter to chuckle. I guess weddings are humorous to a 3 year old :).
K.Y.N...I teared up the moment the doors opened to reveal the bride...the joyful kind.
Kid you not...the guy who did the wedding was rather "good lookin'" all dressed up in his (borrowed) *this is a completely different story* suit.
Kid you not...most people only include the "happy", pleasant parts of life on their blog. Is that hypocrisy? perhaps we all use selective publishing more often than ought in our lives...and need more of the Jesus sort of integrity.
Kid you not...our children were amazed by the many halls, baptismal/prayer/etc. rooms and "mazes", big, tall pretty windows of the traditional sort of "building". Beautiful indeed. k.y.n. there is unmatched beauty to be found in the simplicity of cement floors and stack able chairs(unmatched grace, mercy and love of Jesus included).

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