Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the strength of "tenderness"



1. a soft or yielding texture : easily broken, cut, or damaged : delicate , fragile

2. physically weak : not able to endure hardship b: immature , young c: incapable of resisting cold

3. the softer emotions : fond, loving

4. showing care : considerate, impressionable - a tender conscience

5. conducive to a delicate or sensitive constitution or character : gentle , mild b: delicate or soft in quality or tone

6. obsolete : dear , precious

7. sensitive to touch or palpation b: sensitive to injury or insult : touchy c: demanding careful and sensitive handling : a boat : easily tipped by an external force

Got that? ok, so the word "tender" holds in it a wonderful balance of all that is "weakly strong". Is it possible that true TENDERness (other than def. #2) can only result from true strength? A wound or bruise that is truly "tender" must come from a strong blow (to that heart or body). A person who shows true tenderness (and compassion) is one who is strong in love. Tender"ness" grows in a person who is "strongly" convinced and secure that he/she is unconditionally loved and accepted. I guess the meanest, bully type people of life...those not tender...may be so as a result of hardness of heart, insecurity in love, and weakness of conscience and spirit.

after all, it is the kindness (and tenderness) of the Lord that leads us to repentance, heals brokenness...will overcome.

ok, and one more is my "chiasm" of the day...

fear does not love.

*love does not fear.

Did I say that right?!

(although, I think love has to be *perfect* to not fear...)

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