Saturday, September 19, 2009

the apple-pear day BY CHARIS

first,you have to shake the tree

then, you have to pick them off the ground or on the tree

we had green pears so we let them ripen

here we have the hole sink filled of Pears and appels

this is before we cook it
i am putting it in the oven
it is ready yum


  1. Charis, I'm coming over!!! Yummy!!! ...and very creative- I like the hearts in the hands!

  2. Charis,
    You guys worked so hard! I am very proud of all of you. First of all Mommy spending the afternoon teaching her girls how to pick, clean, bake pie Creative Style and and Real Juice Popsicles. You get the Best Mom Ever Award!!! :)

    Charis what a story teller and photographer taking all the pictures and writing the story of your day on your own WOW! Plus all the work picking apples, cutting them up and spots out, helping mom bake like such a big girl you are becomming and showing so much responsibility! I WONDER where she gets all that!!! :)

    Hannah to see you worked along side of then learning as well and to watch you eat and enjoy each bite with so much zeal!

    Thank you for the most delicious pear apple pie i have ever had. I am proud of my girls and the very special lady in my wife who I am proud to call my wife!