Saturday, March 13, 2010

math olympians

C was one of 3 in her class chosen to compete in the category of computation at the regional math olympics. I was guessing it would be like a spelling bee...only math? After 2 hours of long lost *first grade teacher...veggie tale entertainment...exploring the school with H...meeting someone who went to church with the Fehls (SIM), one of my profs from college, etc. etc...we knew that it truly is a "small" world after all. C got a ribbon! Thank the Lord for fourth and fifth place ribbons. There were sad, sad tears from some who did not. I was proud of them all. After all, only a few from each school/grade were chosen to compete.

goldie the snail made an entire loop around the fish bowl.  Even snails enjoy warm weather, I guess :).
enjoying one of the first days of MELTED snow!

hannah's pics

could NOT believe it.  This is R and his first grade teacher!  what a sweet lady. 


  1. Congratulations Charis!!
    I love that little blanket you made- is that the one you did for Hannah?

  2. Way to go Charis! We are proud of you being such a good speller. Tell your mom we love her pictures she takes and posts! Can't wait to hear you read again, Hannah! Woh, Rodney your first grade teacher hasn't aged!!! Or you are staying very young!