Sunday, April 25, 2010

you've been a bad friend to us...

your thanksgiving and praise MATTERs to God.
insecurity is not a weakness.  it IS unbelief.

we do not believe we are who God made us.
from Ephesians 4:17-24

a SECURE woman is

S saved from herself.

  the human mind is twisted by idolatrous self-interest.
  Martin Luther ...Homo incurvatus in se...a human being curved in upon self.
  filled with the Holy Spirit everything curves UP to God and OUT in love!
  what if we esteemed what God thought of us enough that we did not need to think of self?
  Security makes us think LESS often of ourselves.

E entitled to truth

  everything else is futile
  withdrawn from God...thinking becomes dark, futile...behavior becomes addictive, lost sensitivity, mind    
  altering impact...drowning with a continual lust for more
  perfectionism is insecurity in "art form"

C clothed with intention

  a woman dresses on purpose
  you make up your mind and be "strong willed"  about it
  determine 1.  in mind which leads 2. feet (walk) 3. feelings (can't wait until you "feel"...action will collide   
  w/ feeling)

U upended by grace

  Grace takes up the space
  Ephesians 4:32 'charis' to grace.  forgive on purpose.  (Charis loves that her name is in the Bible...i pray
  that she will understand how big grace and joy truly are...)
  No one is secure accidentally.
  Secure people do NOT have to think about themselves all the time.
  grace turns everything upside down.  weakness to strength.  broken to whole. 
  we who do not feel forgiven by God withhold forgiveness from others.
  is your dignity restored?
  Hebrews 10:19
  nothing can so powerfully hold us in insecurity that we are not CONVINCED that we are forgiven           
  and loved.
  thorns in the Bible (see Genesis) are a sign (result) of sin.
  Jesus took on the crown of thorns at the cross.  Draw near.  "sprinkled" clean of guilt.
  Grace is the only thing you can give away and also keep.

R rebounded by love

  live a life of love
  live life the dearly loved child that you are!
  when we know that we are loved we LOVE.

E exceptional in life

  love covers a multitude of sins.
  be the EXCEPTION!
  people will want to know the hope in you...
  everyone else..."except" you
  I'd be the same...except Jesus.

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