Sunday, April 11, 2010

zoo-hoo (you know, like ya-hoo)

 it is so beaUtiful outside.  i'm going to enjoy every moment of this beauty :) .
(liked this old church along the road)

church...and then we went to the zoo.
woo-hoo! we love the zoo.
you can peel the paper right off this tree :)

blossoms are so beautiful. and lovely.
you know that verse, think on these things (whatever is...pure, lovely, etc.)
well, not hard to do in spring. :)

                                                              hey, watch me watching you!

                                                         it was nap time today at the zoo.
                                                         for most of the animals...

                                    did i mention the sun was out in its 78 degree wonderfulness?
for the rest evidently it was i-refuse-to-show-my-better-side day...

which lovely H thought was hilarious and was yelling
"we don't want to see your butt"...

 no, not real.  statue giraffe :) smells nicer too.
sleepy monkeys...

our monkeys ♥

sleepy bear

we don't know how we ended up with more change than we put in, mommy...
believe it or not, i still have more pics...but this is taking SO long. and i'm tired.
more zoo...spring... another time.

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  1. Very pretty...glad you said something on skype about pics b/c I'm still not getting emails about these posts!