Sunday, August 1, 2010

i don't want to forget this...

Jesus came into our "culture" like a baby...learning EVERYthing from the start. that is how we should enter the world of those we are trying to reach.  the coconut has cultural importance in India -  beautiful illustration of gospel! hammer hitting shell...cracks open...milk flows out...empty shell...etc.etc.
in Genesis God gave Adam the go-ahead to eat meat.  animals.  where you are born determines whether you eat dogs or pet cows. :)
be Jesus to them. a LIVING sacrifice.

Tribal  Hindu  Unreligious  Muslim  Budhist  

each false belief comes from the God-placed desire in every humans heart for..."truth"
do you know which group believes...everything is spirit? 
have many  "gods" with many names? (the one true God uses many names to describe himself!) 
hurt themselves in order to please their god? (our God was hurt in our place)
government tells them what to believe? (our authority is the Bible)
so, H got to the top, they tightened her hat and harness.  she was nervous, so they assured her she was perfectly safe..."then why do i have to wear this hat?". good question little girl. :) she is so like me sometimes. except i like the zipline.
this would have been a great pic...

Hindu look at Coconuts...
smashing the coconut is symbolic of annihilating the ego
and humbling oneself before God.
This ritual indicated that the actual "doer" is God
and humans are merely instruments in his hands
this pool was so "awesome"...the shiny metal bottom attracts the sun
resulting in water of very pleasant temperature. :)

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