Monday, January 24, 2011

more thanks

16. a field of dark "turkeys" dotting the white country snow

15. truth that does not hurt
14. words
13. Creator painted picture
 12. sweet teen sharing time with little girls
11. handmade cupcake soap :)
10. Sanctity Sunday that reminds me that Jesus death is for all valuable life

 9. chicken cheese dip and recipe
 8.  faithful group loving Jesus with every word together watching Steeler victory
 7.  the fun of children joining in celebration "touchdowns"


  1. I like your field of turkeys picture and wow what a game! Good times, now on to Dallas for the Packer vs Steelers Super Bowl. I am feeling a Black N Gold victory coming on!!!

  2. someone mentioned re:#15 that context is key and the Word does "hurt" as it reveals sin. Yes. and in the sharp, piercing Truth to the muscle of heart...there is pain...and healing Hope. His strength is made perfect in weakness.