Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Chocolate Diaries

Secrets for a Sweeter Journey
on the Rocky Road of Life

The Chocolate Diaries: Secrets for a Sweeter Journey on the Rocky Road of Life

"People who have been handed some really distasteful things
yet have managed to fold them into the batter of their lives
in such a way that the end results are not just appetizing, they are amazing!
These are people we love to be around,
because their lives aren't characterized by bitterness
despite the hardships they have experienced.
Instead, they have extracted both the good and bad...
and blended it all to create lives that are rich and satisfying."

This book is appropriately titled ☺. Chocolate Diaries is a collection of thoughts, feelings, stories and practical advice shared over...chocolate.  I have not heard of or read anything by author Karen Linamen before.  She has a light and personal writing style.  Sometimes you just need to hear from someone who has "been" through it...or IS still.  Practical advice, or possibly we could call it "therapy" is scattered throughout, such as getting rid of the clutter...looking for the beauty where you something loving for someone else...laugh...PRAY...LAUGH...and when all else fails, dip your spoon in the peanut butter jar and melt some left-over chocolate chips.

Chapter One  

Received a copy of this book for review.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this book. It's a great review, and so I took a minute to read through the first two chapters through that link, and was startled to find the story of the Phoenix tucked in there...a story that has come to mean a lot to me lately! I am definitely going to pick up this book :)