Monday, April 4, 2011

thanks give "ing"

22. fresh snow again reminding...
23. forgiveness that is never "deserved"
24. fun old library sale
25. girls that play weekend happy
26. rain that feels 68 degrees humid!
27. fun Seeds to sing verses ☺


  1. LOVE seeds...just found them a month ago and i think i enjoy it more than my boys.
    and amen for forgiveness that is never deserved.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Reflections. I really like this, "fresh snow again reminding...forgiveness is never deserved."

    There is something so beautiful as pristine white snow - a great remindeder that He has washed us white as snow.

  3. I'm assuming that you've read Ann's book? If not, you must. I'm practicing thanksgiving right along with her!

  4. Amber, i haven't read her book yet, it is on my list :)...i do follow her blog and have listened to some of the book discussions on incourage :). thanks giving is...well, just good all around!

  5. What a lovely picture and Scripture for Lent. Such a blessed reminder. And on the lines of great minds thinking alike - I'm happy to share we both have GREAT minds - as I too was thinking of Lent with a cross clip art and encouraging Bible verses especially for children. :) Have a blessed Word-Filled Wednesday.

  6. What a great photo... I love that snow on the cross and how you did the words in red. Perfect!

    Happy WFW!