Friday, May 13, 2011

a little gift of music new ☺


How fun is it to start out the summer with a few new songs?!  You can download four songs from Robert Pierre's new album at noise trade .  If you like what you hear come back this summer and sign up to win his newly released cd!

Tonight as I type I listen to beautiful words from the song Jesus...
I'm Truth that does not change from one generation to the next.
Thank you Robert Pierre.  May you stay humbly faithful to the Truth in the Word of God.  Close to His heart.

I'm blown away, this life of faith
is filled with endless blessing
and yet sometimes i wake to find
I'm facing trials and testing

Even in the moments when I'm falling to my knees
I find that help is waiting for me

Any desperate day
One word I can pray
All I know to say

Screaming from my soul
I'm giving up control
The only hope I know

I received this for the purpose of review.

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  1. My apologies to readers. I never heard back from Robert Pierre.