Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Rejoice (Women of Faith Worship)

Love LOVE this.  I could go on and on...
 and tell you all about how the last time I was at WOF I was 8 month pregnant...
that it was very VERY HOT
in sunny Fort Lauderdale...
that we had the very best seats
on the floor
very front...
about the little older gentleman usher who each time
I descended 4 to 5 flights of stairs
waited and questioned me quite anxiously
"you are not going to have this baby today are you?"
"no sir" I smiled each time.
the truth is...
I thought I might.
If I had known she would be born the very next Saturday, well...!
I still may have gone because the worship was wonderful.

This CD truly is a celebration.

ever feel unlove "ed", "ly", "able"  ?
YOU are l♥ved by a BIG God.

He's not mad at you
He's not dissappointed
His grace is greater still
Than all of your wrong choices
He is full of mercy
And He is ever kind
Hear His invitation
His arms are open wide

You can come as you are
With all your broken pieces
All your shameful scars
The pain you hold in your heart
Bring it all to Jesus
Louder than the voice
That whispers you're unworthy
Hear the sound of love
That tells a different story
He's shattering your darkness
And pushing through the lies
How tenderly He calls you
His arms are open widefrom "Come as you are"

other songs...

Women of Faith (listen here)

Beautiful Redeemer ♥ So Good ♥
Forever Reign ♥ Come as you are ♥
Hosanna ♥ Our God ♥ Glory to God ♥
You Brought the Sunshine ♥ Greatness of our God ♥
Great is Thy Faithfulness ♥

I received a copy of this cd for the purpose of review.

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