Monday, May 23, 2011

these are a few of my "thankful" things...

that when the rain...rain does not go away...
it does make everything fresh and new
for garden season☺
and that although
I do not have a "green" anything
my husband does ☺

for the simple joy
of glow in the dark accessories 
for silly act"ing"
for family fun
(that hot dogs (ew...) are not our daily "manna"!)
and the countdown to summer...
for Wii "hula" ☺ (pic possibly to come)
 and not to forget... for wonderful

and speaking of summer...
stop by the Summer Beach Party at only a breath ☺.


  1. i love the vibrant colors of the flowers and your husband's dirty hand holding the worm. thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment. i love your list and the pictures you post to illustrate it.

    my recent post: tea bags and hot water

  2. Yes, I am so grateful for all of the green from all of the rain!

  3. Thank you SOOOO much for posting my button!!! YAY!!! :) I'm so excited about next week. I think you'll love the giveaways!!! :)

    Have a great evening!

  4. We could use some rain down here. It's starting to get colder and dry!! Enjoy your spring showers!

  5. you must have better soil than we do...I just can not get earth worms. Even composted alot this year...we live on a hill and all of our minerals go down hill with the water...
    Beautiful flowers!!