Tuesday, June 21, 2011

at the hospital...

women "labor"
women "fight".
Now "grammy"  knows what it means.
She "battles" the war of cancer.
We see and don't know
if she will "win".
The Dr's. said 2%.
People pray.
On the other side of these walls
babies are delivered.
I watch a pink ballooned wheel chair
roll away
a brand new
Her arms are empty.
The neo-natal trip seems to take forever from maternity.
"why is it spelled backwards?"
and I think,
there will always be questions...

Jesus did not come for the healthy.
What good is it if your body is healed
but your soul eternally separated?

This hospital has a veggie garden ☺.

Green and shade and golden fishies
give minutes of relief...
and I remember the other garden
where God walked with them
and there wasn't pain.

on the way out
a piano
quietly plays
"O Sacred Head"
the blue airport-like message
above the revolving doors
we are just passing through.
This world is not our home.


  1. I am very pleased to be 'just passing through'. I love life and look forward to the new day we are given every day. I just hope that I will have 'passed on the 'message' my love for the Lord in my journey on this earth xx

  2. Woh! Your pictures remind one of how short life can be yet aren't we thankful we have a hope for the future with God!

  3. Thank you for capturing our visit to mom with pictures Annette.