Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dare to make contact

The End of the Spear came out a few years ago...we watched it for the first time Sunday afternoon.  Well, we started to watch and heard an earth quaking THUMP. (pause movie). This neighboring tree fell.
the opposite direction of all the wires...
barely five feet from their house...
Right where the kids run back and forth.
No one
nothing hurt...

(resume movie) It is rated PG-13 and I think you should watch it with your kids...or should I say, your kids should watch it with you.  My youngest said "mommy, why aren't they wearing anything on their (back ends)...?"
"they live in the jungle and it is hot. (did you know that there are people today that still live this way?) and they have not met the love of God. No one has told them. That is why they are fighting and killing each other.
"well, why doesn't anybody tell them?!"
exactly, sweet girl...I thought. and it might be you.
and I remember my loud, complaining heart...and how difficult it truly is to be separated from family.  Some of ours on different continents...for this. 
Are we raising children COURAGEous.?  Without fear of "different"
(food, places, language, skin, custom, culture) 
With parents who give them to love far away? 
 How do we raise Great Commission followers?
Should we make our children
a bit more uncomfortable
so their senses will come to life
and they will go?
Children will go.  They will love. and freely speak the gospel.
Is there an age of turning when they stop
being little with great faith
and become big with little
for the souls of others
 and high demanding
of anything fast...close...caffeine...comfort...


  1. Glad you could watch this movie! Your comments were so touching and yes it is hard to be separate from family especially ones kids and grandkids!!!

    Love you all loads,


  2. The End Of The Spear is a very good movie. We have dear friends that currently serve with MAF in Ecuador. My husband had the opportunity to go there on a work team last Sept. to build a new roof on Nate Saints airplane hanger/house. He also had the opportunity to go out to one of the villages in the jungle to provide medical support.
    Another dear friend of ours was a missionary kid (she is in her 70's now) in Shell, Ecuador. She grew up with the Saints and Elliots and other families.
    We are blessed that our kids get to hear such rich stories from these individuals.

    I think we raise "Great Commissioner" followers by being Great Commissioner followers ourselves...I think we as parents care about the things Jesus cares about and live that out. We will train them in the way they should go our own lives being their example.

    Thank you for sharing the video. so moving.