Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This was just classic Madeline
 "In an Old House in Paris All Covered in Vines. Lived twelve little girls in two straight lines"...

even on a "date" if passing a Children's Place Outlet
at this time of the year...must stop. (oh, and we could smell the cows)...
(by the way, five years ago I bought my first $10 school sale backpack here.  After many washes and heavy duty travel it is still in great condition.  They are currently $12 ☺.)

fiddlers fiddled
(and we could smell cows)
that sunshiny day
we window

saw Amish horses

it takes a lot of work
to make fans and bicycles work
without "engines"

and butterflies dance to the random tune of the breeze
...and we could smell the cows

We saw Sight and Sound's Joseph.
All I can say is...
this is the sort of thing you save your birthday money,
 Christmas, yard sale, lemonade stand, pop $$, candy money...
take your family
and GO.

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