Monday, September 5, 2011

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Life Before Birth: A Christian Family Book: A Book for Christian Families and Others Who Teach the Dignity of Life Before Birth

Dr. Parker and his wife, Mary,
explain the Biblical view of life before birth. 
Such topics such as abortion and birth defects
 are covered in a special way.
illustrated byJonathan Chong and Lloyd R. Hight

Life Before Birth is a beautiful family conversation ☺.

Chapter One "Knit Together"
"Did you ever wonder where babies come from, or what you looked like while you were growing inside your mother?...The Bible tells us that each of us started as a plan in the mind of God.  The tools of biology let us see how God knit us together inside our mothers." p. 6

Chapter Two "No Useless Leftovers"
discusses the Bible, biology, and evolution.
"...the best summary is still there in Psalm 139.  God planned my life before I was born.  Then He took my unformed substance - my first cell - and knit me together...Like each and every other person, I am fearfully and wonderfully made."p. 47

Chapter Three "Planned by God" 
addresses difficult topics such as birth defects, abortion, etc
from a Biblical world view in a way children can understand.
"maybe before any mother can have an abortion,
she should see pictures of what her baby looks like.
She should be told how the baby is already
swimming and kicking and even thumb-sucking..." p.60 

Chapter Four "Beginning at the beginning"
the WHOLE story ☺...including the effects of sin and God's plan of salvation.
"God's building plan for us begins to take shape when egg and sperm make our first cell.  His plan continues as we are born and grow up.  But God's plan for us is not fully complete until we are reborn with perfect bodies in heaven!...being born is wonderful.  But being BORN AGAIN into God's eternal family is even more wonderful!" p. 83

I recommend this book.  It will be an adventurous and valuable read with your children, grandchildren.  I think you will find it to be a helpful resource (as well as one that will stir up new questions). ☺

I received a copy of this book for the purpose of review.

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