Monday, September 12, 2011

Stained Glass ♥'s

Seeing Life From a Broken Perspective

Stained Glass Hearts: Seeing Life from a Broken Perspective

"Life has a funny way of never letting us forget that this is not how things were intended to be.  There must be more than this.  Something must be broken.
What if God has a plan for this brokenness?  What if He wants to use these jagged, disjointed fragments of our lives to turn them into a colorful story?" -- Patsy Clairmont

This is sort of a (silly) way to start a book review...however necessary ☺.  This book slid out of the package yellow "happy" (much like the words inside) and elegant dressed up with jacket.  In a world gone "kindle" there is something wonderfully (old fashioned) about the smell of inked tree.  So, thank you Thomas Nelson for providing fine "packaging".  (laughing). 
 I think my favorite chapter in this book was Stained Glass Puzzles.  

     "I guess I shouldn't be surprised that God is cloaked in mystery because He is pure spirit.  I'm not.  He is absolute in his holiness...We are temporarily confined to this planet in a leaky earth suit.  One day that will change, and then we will see what we can't imagine, and we will understand what we can't comprehend.  Then, and only then, the puzzling aspects will be solved, the last pieces will slide into place."    p. 136-7

 Each chapter Patsy takes a look at a different aspect of life in this "broken" world in which beauty can be found.  At the end of each chapter is The Art Gallery in which she talks about artist, book, music, Scripture that are evidence of this.

Man is born broken.
He lives mending.
The grace of God is glue.
Eugene O'Neill

Patsy Clairmont will be speaking at Women of Faith.  However, you may not be in a "time" of life in which you are able to attend.  Comment if you would enjoy this read right in the very time and place of life that you are ☺.
A random comment will be chosen next Monday, September 19 and I'll send you this copy!
I received a copy of this book for the purpose of review.

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  1. woh! I would enjoy hearing the whole talk and what a graphic illustration!