Tuesday, December 6, 2011

share and tell (on counting down)

One of the things I enjoy in blogland
is when other mom's share some of their favorite things...
resources, ideas, recipes...you get the idea
here are a few of the things that we look forward
to unpacking at the beginning of each December.
(none of these items were sent to me for the purpose of review. I just really like them! ...oh my goodness, (pause for cuteness) I just looked out the window and saw our little neighbor boy mowing our grass with a little plastic mower ☺).
What God Wants for Christmas comes with a book/nativity and little gift boxes to be opened to reveal the Christmas characters.  It is really geared more toward toddler to five-ish year olds, but we still enjoy opening each box AND the surprise at the end.

(this is what the one we got a few years ago looks like)

The year H was born I found the ADOREnaments at our local Christian bookstore (on sale) and bought some to give to each of our families.  Maybe I should have bought more?! it looks like you can still find them, but they are a bit pricey now.  Worth it though ☺.  This year we are using them in combination with our  candle wreath countdown to Christmas (alternating candle one day, Adorenament, candle etc...as we have 12 of each).  Each Adorenament has a brief name or description of Jesus, such as Living Water, Good Shepherd, The Door, Savior, King of Kings.  Yesterday's was Bread of Life, conveniently adjusted in order (couldn't have planned that to work out so well if I tried) to fit our day of baking bread (smile).   After we read the ornament the girls take turns having the honor of hanging it on the tree.
I found this snowman countdown (I believe at Ross) one year after Christmas.  On sale.  Yes, there is a pattern here!  I don't know who looks forward to this more.  Each night we put something little in the pocket for the girls to find in the morning.  Through the years it has been anything and everything from the after Valentine's Day sale at Walmart stock up ☺, to stickers, quarters, small candies, hair clippies. 
We hang it on the pantry door
 with fishing line of course
and a stick able hook on the top back of the door
that can be used again each year.
(just in case you needed to know ☺).

Each of these "tools" prepare our hearts.
Christmas is about giving...
love motivates us to give...
 it may be just as much or more
about receiving
listen ☺

Matthew 1:21
"She will bear a son,
and you shall call his name Jesus,
for he will save his people
from their sins."

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  1. I love the Christmas ornament book you gave me and use it with my first grade every year. They are enjoying hanging up the ornaments on our classroom clothesline as our little tree is too small for them!