Thursday, December 22, 2011

we gave them a small key to the "world"

on this rainy
last half day of school
we met friends at the 
Cathedral of Learning

notice the cassette player on the counter.
H was fascinated
and asked why she has never seen one of "these" before :)
the girls had fun taking turns
(and sometimes a long time)
turning the little key attached to the tape-player
to open each door (with much anticipation)
to each nationality room
I briefly visited the online tour
So much more impressive in person!
The tour is $1 per child $3/adult. 
We did the cassette version which worked out best as we could go at our own speed. 
 Guides are also available.
If you are not able to buy tickets and travel the world this may be the next best thing ☺.
We spent around 2 1/2 hourswhich I would say is the reasonably quick child version.
One could easily spend much longer (and if so, take extra quarters to feed the parking meter)
 I try to not to think of spiders :)
but along with the rain this day
it was a reoccuring theme.
interesting and very random
possibly useless information to follow
 I can't remember which room this was...
 in this country webs are left undisturbed
as they are a symbol of prosperity/blessing.
this did make me stop for a moment to reflect on
the spiders diligent and "creative" work.
and obviously in my house they are mostly left undisturbed
not for any reason other than we more often choose
creative "design" making over cleaning.

 the detail in each room is amazing

do you know the story?

beautiful Austria
view from the 34th floor
trivia: 2529 windows in the Cathedral of Learning.

Merry CHRISTmas friends!


  1. Looks like a great place for a homeschooling field trip! I didn't know all of that stuff was in that building! I guess I never really looked into it, though!

  2. Amber, it would be a great field trip!