Sunday, February 19, 2012

nothing too small...

On a little walk
and I thought
and the little mouse "tale" ☺.
It is true.
God's is purposeful
in what He has created.
so as I walked
no green

no "weed" was
(who decides anyway)
are you kidding me?!
yellow ANYthing is like
this cold time
of year. (smile)

no color
too little
early ☺

"In the beginning, God created"
...with these words, the Bible powerfully sets in motion
our praise to the Creator for His awesome work.
 The Creation Story for Children
written and beaUtifully illustrated
by Helen and David Haidle
Bombus the Bumblebee
same happy artwork)
see the bright colors?!
The creation story from Genesis 1-2
vibrantly illustrated.
includes interesting facts of the unique design
of twenty different creatures
God created...
amazing senses
amazing colors and shapes
God hears me.
God understands and knows everything I'm thinking.
God even knows what I'm going to say
before I speak one word.
Psalm 139.

 Not Too Small at All: A Mouse Tale
Stephanie Z. Townsend

My eight year old saw this book and immediately asked if she could read it to me.  Her "review" of this book was that it reminded her of  The Little Engine that Could.   Hhmmm.  I do see how she would think that ☺.  The little mouse starts to think that it is too small to do anything at all, but keeps trying. The author's desire in this delightful story is that children will know how much God loves them and has a special purpose for their life.

a kind bird offers the discouraged little mouse some words of wisdom.
"Yes, you are young and you are small, but God the Creator made you!"

We enjoyed this tail of a small mouse who learned this important faith message!

I received these books for the purpose of review.

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  1. Can't believe how excited she was to read the book the quality of reading and pictures are great! Really like the picture you captured with the tree moss and leaf. Dandy Lions at the end of february I'll take it! :) Have a great day!