Friday, March 2, 2012

How We Love Our Kids

One Small Change in You...One Big Change in Your KidsHow We Love Our Kids: The Five Love Styles of Parenting

When I noticed "The 5 Love Styles of Parenting" on the cover, the first thing that came to mind was Gary Smalley's Five Love Languages. 
THIS is not THAT ☺, but so very practical in a different way.  The Miracle of God's design is that we are "wired" for connection. The "mess" or "FOO factor" of it all is that as good of a job any parent does they are still "broken people raising broken children in a broken world."  Milan and Kay discuss 5 different parents: the Avoider, the Pleaser, the Vacillator, the Controller, and the Victim.  What dynamics shape your parenting? This book is that it provides practical, easy to understand counsel, first for the parent.    The seven gifts every child needs in part 4 was my absolute favorite and one I will refer back to.  The first is the gift of insight.  This is such a silly, small memory that came into mind, but I think it fits into what this chapter is talking about. When I was growing up my mom would occasionally make liver.  In our family we had to eat a little bit of everything, so when I walked in the house and smelled the awful, HORRID, smell..well, my gag refluxes geared up and I began mental strategy.  At dinner time I cut the liver into the smallest pieces possible and began to swallow them one at time (perhaps rather dramatically).  I was not trying to be rebellious, just solve what I perceived as an impending life crisis.  Thank the Lord, eventually it was decided that organ meat was not healthy for human consumption (at least at our house).  As a result of that long story, my parenting received reasonable insight and compassion and we do not engage in food "battle".  I am sure that I have provided my girls with an extensive list of how they might one day parent differently.  The gift of comfort.  The gift of power.  The gift of frustration.  The gift of confession.  The gift of laughter.  The gift of God: the perfect parent.  Practical insight is given into special circumstances such as the premature baby, the hospitalized child, foster and adoptive children.
"How We Love our Kids offers a unique approach, to help you as a parent transform your kids by making specific changes in how you love.
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Meet Milan and Kay Yerkovich
"real people on real journey"

How We Love Our Kids by Milan and Kay Yerkovitch (Chapter 1 Excerpt)

I received a copy of this book for the purpose of review.

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  1. hmm your mom probably likes liver less than you do and rarely served it but you are right, what was served had to be tasted!!! My mom and your dad love liver is the reason we had it occasionally. Grandma use to let me cook my own in my little frying pan in order to get me to eat the foods I didn't like! This book looks like an excellent one to read and I shared in on my fb page.