Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 I was not familiar
with the International Children's Bible.
from what I have researched...
21 Bible scholars carefully chose words
at a third grade reading level for this translation.
"Jesus asked the little ones to come to Him, and the International Children's Bible makes it a little easier for them to hear His call." - Max Lucado
This Bible is ballerina pink ☺.
there is a colorful Bible timeline creation --> church
as well as simple maps in the back
I wish that it did include a concordance (most children's Bibles do not)
as far as the translation...I think of my Grandma who grew up
in the King James only era. 
She once told me that she often reads out of the
Living Bible because it is so easy to understand. ☺
We must handle God's word carefully.
(the truth is, the amount of Bible/person in the world
is a more problematic issue to me than NIV, KJV, ESV, or ICB...)
My desire is that my children and their friends
learn to love the Word of God
at an early age...
so until they can study the Hebrew and Greek for themselves
there is the ICB.

*ages 7-12
*Beautiful ballerina-inspired design for today’s girls who love ballet or who love a pretty, feminine look
*Full text of the International Children’s Bible®
*Presentation page for personalizing
*Includes full-color maps and dictionary/concordance
I received a copy of this Bible for the purpose of review.

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