Thursday, April 12, 2012

One Anothering

One Anothering
I have been reading this book for months.  It's really not very long.  Not difficult to read.  The trouble is WHAT to do with a book that is so simple and hard all at once?  How do I "one-another" the woman whose son is autistic?  She tells me they have been to 3 or 4 churches with the same response.  He is disruptive.  (he looks "normal" so they are told it is due to poor parenting).  The one who suffers from anxiety and can not even bring themselves to enter the church building? (tell them not to forsake the assembling together? really?) The new family in town that are probably illegal immigrants?  I guess this book has truly challenged me to ask myself, is there someone I would leave lying on the side of the road?
"Much of what is called counseling and correcting among believers is ineffective and hits dead soil.  It may not be because the counselor uses the wrong words or gives the wrong answers, but simply that there has been no prior established relationship.  Their has been no prior affirmation of worth and appreciation for the other person... Therefore, the one being counseled has nothing to lose by turning a deaf ear."
Wow. "Nothing to lose".   The difference between "pharisee" and "good samaritan"?.  One Anothering  prompts us to be genuine and loving in our relationships with Christ as our example.
When the load gets heavy-the world crushes you down.
The Church bears one another's burdens.
When you become weak-the world runs over you.
The Church prays for one another.
When you fail-the world scoffs and writes you off.
The Church forgives one another.
When you are lonely-the world makes you more miserable.
The church practices hospitality to one another.
When you are a misfit-the world calls you a misfit.
The church receives another another. You are special.
When you have a chance-the world grabs it from you.
The Church prefers one another.
(from Chapter 13)
I received a copy of this book for the purpose of review.


  1. Wow. That sounds like a very interesting book. And a hard one, too.

  2. my eyes light up when i see autism! found you thru waterbrook's webpage. i have a son with autism and am working on a book about our experience. there is so much God is doing in and thru these 1 in 54 kids on the spectrum who are easily misunderstood. thank you for opening eyes to that wonder!

  3. Hi, found you thru Waterbrook's webpage. I have a son whose 19 with autism and am writing a book about all God has shown us through his gifts and challenges--about how He communicates and about ourselves in relationship to Him. thank you for being open to the wonder of His ways!