Sunday, October 21, 2007

"peaceFULL fishing at Crooked Creek"

I took this pic for Rodney. We love to take the girls out to Crooked Creek. The first time we ever went out there it was flooded...the weekend we came up to candidate back in 1996...the month before we were married. They drilled us mercilessly. That short little 45 minute trip out to CC was the only free moments we had to clear our heads and pray about what direction God would take us. We should have been the one's drilling them! oh, well. Look what God has done.
The other reason I took this is because when we were newly married R was sure that he could make a good fishing partner out of me. We laugh when we look back because we both were full of hope filled expectation. R thought we would go FISHing. Being on the same side of the pond had little to nothing to do with it. Soaking up the peaceful quiet and beauty of God's great outdoors. I think that "together" meant in spirit. I thought I would get some sun. I also thought fishING meant with his arms around me showing me how to do the "reel" thing. I got sunburned. I caught a fish. (wasn't expecting that...and after R's step by step directions on how to get the hook out...mind you (from acros the lake) I lost bait and interest...I also got poison ivy from hiking around after the first hour...:) So here's to you honey. I pray that God will flood your spirit with peace and relaxation that even "good old time" fishing can't fill...and that He will continue to work out His plan for "oneness" in us.

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