Tuesday, October 23, 2007


you know how you wake up and it is a rainy day...you know that rain is needed...but you still feel somewhat miserable? and then overhear a sweet little conversation that goes something like this...
"daddy, does it just keep happening?"
"the leaves and then summer...?"
"yes honey. Right now it's fall and the leaves are changing and will fall down. Then winter and it will get cold and snow and we will go sledding."
"yeah, I love snow!"
"then it will get a little warmer and everything will start to grow in spring. Then it will become summer and get hot enough to swim."
"oh daddy, and then it will happen again and we can go swimming again!"
such joy and anticipation. Reminded to be thankFUL. always. for everything.

*trivia...the typical four year old ask an average of 436 questions a day. I believe it. (somehow, it seems to often be the same one repeated over and over!)

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