Friday, December 14, 2007

happens to me...or even better "titled" a "TEN-STRINGED INSTRUMENT" from M.Youseff's book

I start reading 3 different books at the same time and THEN get temporarily bored and start another one "I was going to read as soon as the others were finished". Not the best pattern to pass on...
but here's something good from one...

"Empowered by Praise" M. Youseff
"A Ten-stringed Instrument"
I will praise you with my two eyes-I will look only to You.
" " by exalting You with my two ears-I will listen only to Your voice.
I will extol You with the work of my two hands-I will work in Your service wherever You direct.
I will honor You with my two feet-I will walk in Your statutes, and I will go wherever You lead.
I will magnify Your holy name with my tongue-I will testify constantly of Your loving-kindness.
I will worship You with my heart-I will love only You, and I will receive all the unconditional love You pour our in Your mercy, grace and forgiveness.
I thank You, Lord, for the ten-stringed instrument that You built into my being. Keep me in tune and play upon me as You will. Ring out the melodies of Your grace. May the harmony of my praise song bring pleasure to You and glory to Your name.

I "echo" the above prayer. May we be ten-stringed instruments of praise to Jesus!!!

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