Wednesday, December 12, 2007

needles and waiting...

I forgot to tell them that my veins collapse, and that they should use a butterfly, pediatric needle today...therefore they made extra holes in my arms. That was part of the worst part for me. Still waiting to hear what time they do my surgery tomorrow. Waiting is part of the worst too. And coming out from under. After they took my wisdom teeth out and I was coming to I told the Dr. I loved him. Who knows what else I said. Rodney enjoys this part the best. Oh, Hannah went with me. She insisted on wearing her Christmas dress. I thought, why not. So I dressed up too. It made me feel better, got H lots of stickers because she was just "so cute" and turned it into a little more of a festive occasion. See mom, and all you teachers out there, it is somewhat true that your attitude/behaviour is affected by how you are dressed (or maybe how you feel about how you are dressed) :).


  1. We will be waiting to hear how your procedure went today...
    Love you,