Saturday, April 12, 2008

in honor of (and missing...)1st day of trout

It has been A day. This post should really be titled something to do with teeth. Let me just say "traumatic" in that department this am and to spare the details, but for "one" C did finally lose her two month long wiggily tooth. Today is usually the traditional day Rodney goes fishing with all the Miller men...1st day of trout. I believe there is actually some type of commandment...thou shalt not miss the 1st day of trout and yet be considered man...or something like that. He is away at the men's retreat. So, in honor of the whole fish thing, the best we could do as was to go to Wholey's fish market downtown Pittsburgh to eat fish. Also, the closest exposure I can give the girls to the "cancha" sights and sounds, well mostly "smells"... around here. :)

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  1. Just thinking about you as I know Rodney leaves on another trip you :)