Sunday, May 4, 2008

sharing the beauty

I can't stand it...I CAN NOT EVEN stand it. Today was the Walk for Life and it was the most beautimous of beautiglorificous days :)(those are real words). The pictures will not even begin to do justice...but will be a start in making the point that ALL life is a gift from God and a truly beautiful thing. I made attempt to our annual sisters-with-blooms, but with little success. However, great success in little legs enduring the walk these days! Well, mostly. :). Enjoy from a distance...add fresh air, warm breeze, sound of boats on the river, joyful singing, and BLUE sky...


  1. Woh! you sure took some beautiful pictures! Your fall was beautiful but it looks like you also have beautiful trees in the spring!

  2. Tim and MichelleMay 4, 2008 at 7:47 PM

    Beautiful...thanks for sharing :)

  3. sadly all our pink blossoms have now become "pink snow"...i was sad to see them go so quicly..but we did enjoy the "pink snow" as they blew down