Saturday, November 29, 2008

that Martin Luther guy

I really like this ...such hope (and joy) expressed by Martin Luther in this quote
This life, therefore,
is not righteousness but growth in righteousness,
not health but healing,
not being but becoming,
not rest but exercise.

We are not yet what we shall be,
but we are growing toward it.
The process is not yet finished but it is going on.
This is not the end but it is the road.
All does not yet gleam in glory
but all is being purified.
"helpful" or maybe "hope-filled", right?! What I am learning...I it IS ok. God knows that we are but dust. He uses us in each other's lives to make us a little bit more like Jesus. Sometimes, I think it better be A WHOLE LOT MORE like Jesus...real fast. All of this "sanctification" stuff doesn't happen unless there are people involved. So, if God is willing and loving enough to faithfully refine...I'm up for it (and sometimes down, but in His strength pressing on)

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