Sunday, December 21, 2008

just got the giggles again when looking at the "what Jesus wants for Christmas" nativity set. REALLY, what was going J and M were taking a nap. We all know that God can multitask, so after he sent the angels to announce Jesus to the Shepherds, he had them doing double duty and watching Jesus so his tired mommy and daddy could sleep. The wise men people are as far off in the distance as camera shoot would allow. They showed up when he was a toddler. On the other side is a mirror because although we know Jesus doesn't WANT anything for Christmas, God does send His Holy Spirit to live in the lives of the humble in faith. How cool is it that God sent Jesus to "our" house and one of these days he'll be taking us to his?! The whole thing about living a double life is troubling...I know Jesus is here at my house while I am all ugly and yelling all over the place in the sin He gave his life to die for. I always wish I could reach out and touch the bottom of his "robe"...I would be brave enough to do that. Then I remember, you know, I can through prayer and He hears me, forgives me, and gives me strength in the midst of my suffering. Riches. Absolute WEALTH of RICHES! Hope you guys have a "ho ho ho" Merry Christmas that is more about Jesus "with" us than any of the other stuff. :) love you guys and see you when we get back!

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