Saturday, January 31, 2009

a five year old's purse

The zipper on H's purse was stuck. I suggested, let's dump it out and see if there is anything that is not necessary. OH NO! It is ALL necessary. you will see :) (also I noticed the pic captured part of H's hand - the pinkie finger that was cut off in a door 2 years ago. They said her nail would not grow back and if it did would have to be surgically removed. When I look closely at the small scar circling the top of her little pinkie and nail that grew back anyway :) I have a moment of thanksGIVING and think to myself...there really aren't any "little" blessings in life.)

on to top 5 things you might find in H's pink purse...

1. a doll stethoscope and pacy therm.
2. every bacteria holding flavored chapstick from this year's stocking (and maybe last)
3. beaded jewelry (more than likely never to be worn)
4. verse cards from Sunday
5. "rose colored" sunglasses :)


  1. hehe, shes too cute! Does she take this purse everywhere? So grown up! Ya never know what you might need a different flavor "to lick your lips with"....Shes just getting you ready for when shes old enough to have make up...girls like to have options..i guess shes already pratcing that...Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Very cute :)...I guess it can be a blessing that she at least keeps it in her purse rather than spread everywhere :)

  3. I love little girls' purses! Of course, my daughter still has a purse (actually, several) but, somehow, their contents aren't as "cute" as they used to be...cell phone, money, inhaler, lip gloss, know, the teenage stuff!
    We had fried egg sandwiches tonight...always makes me think of Dona Antonia....that was the best...going over to her place and eating!
    Are you all warming up, also? Our snow is starting to melt (you can actually see the grass in some places) It is supposed to be 50-something tomorrow. I'm thrilled!
    Take care!
    By the way, I love the quotes on your blog. I actually have one of them written out in my day planner!