Saturday, January 31, 2009

bananas don't grow in the snow (but groceries can be left in the car over night!)

it might be time to throw these away...I found the grasshopper and rose made out of banana leaves (that the sidewalk vendor at the very end of Hwy 1 made for us)...and in all this snow, it took me to reminiscing of sunnier, warm and the very humid days of FL and short trips down to the Keys. Could it really have been more than FOUR years ago?! Every once in a while I dream of being able to walk out of (air conditioning) and be instantly met with the kind of heat that for an instance is powerful enough to knock you over. :)


  1. Yea, It was nice to to be out during the day going through neighborhoods and playgrounds talking to people and end the day swimming with the family or stop by in the middle for a hop in the pool while you were catching some rays by the pool.

  2. I loved coming to see you there! Remember the Easter Egg hunt?? :-) You HELPED Hannah get many many eggs ! :-) I wonder if A will be old enough this year to do a hunt....i'll have to fill it with something other than jelly beans though!...any ideas??

  3. porque asi es la vidaFebruary 5, 2009 at 6:44 AM

    we loved you coming to see us there :)...thanks for the pictures from the past - I had forgotten that monkey in the tree...maybe you could put those little bear cookies, gold fish crackers, etc. in A's easter eggs...what is her fav. snack?