Tuesday, March 17, 2009

add "w" and "@" ?

you know those little WWJD "what would Jesus do" cards from the 90's...or whenever? Charis found one in my card drawer, so I explained to her what it meant and she was thrilled to "get" to keep it. Yesterday I found it on the Kitchen counter. She had added the letter "w" as well as "at". Say what? ...Oh! I understand. In her "computer" culture, everything is www.com or @ (something)...She was correcting, or maybe just updating it :).


  1. makes sense to have www. first!!!

    I like your new spring design! Is it warming up and getting almost time to plant your garden again?

    Hugs for the girls!

  2. Yes to old, you are getting older but wer are not!!! and yes to the garden been tilling and getting ready to plant in a month or so!!

    I have 10 watermellon Plants started in pots and probably 15 -20 tomattoe plants started. so pray they will grow strong and ready for planting. Jody you guys could enjoy the benefit of them growing.

    special thanks to my wife for allowing me space on the window seals. You Rock and i love you Annette!

  3. I like your new flower pic on your layout!!