Tuesday, March 10, 2009

the "sparkle" stone jar

In an attempt to forever retire from the position of home time sister "referee"...in desperate plea to the Lord to give me something of more profit and less damage than YELLing, crying, throwing a fit (and having to put myself in time out) all in the process of trying to discipline children...All that to say, I credit the Lord with bringing to mind a way to build up, encourage, and motivate with joy. So, all that to say we took the sparkly colored stones from Rodney's previous fish tank and transformed them (by name only) into "sparkle" stones. The goal is for sister #1 and sister #2 to fill the jar (goal of prize in mind). We just celebrated the FIRST filling to the top of the SJ. Praise the Lord. REALLY! So here is how it happens...
"sparkle" stones are given out GENEROUSLY to (any) and (every) sister type person who shows...
good attitude...
improvement...(in attitude, behavior, grades...)
did I mention HELPing and with an good attitude or w/out being asked?!
brushing teeth...
really, just about anything that would fit into the category and contribute to positive, happy, loving, working together (as opposed to against one another). You GET the idea. :) It has been a tremendous success for this moment in our life. In fact, maybe I should start one for myself. On a serious note, it has had me thinking about the fruit of words, emotions that come out of the roots in my heart. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there IS peace. May Jesus be all of what my heart is rooted in.


  1. Wanted To say It is a great incentive and am loving the affect on the kids and excitement as they spent there reward!

    As to my wife i give her 10 as she IS a "10" and today lived it out in helping uncle Ron to the doctors and errands as Taxi and encourager. How beautiful are the feet of those who share the good news a twist but, how beautiful to love God and live out that love. Those feet are not only Beautiful but .... I love you sweet girl! <3

  2. Woh! Congratulations Charis and Hannah! Are you starting to fill your jar again? I agree with Mom, we all need to fill a "jar" with being kind, helpful, and doing special things without being asked or thanked for it!

    Miss you all,


  3. I think that there could be an Jordons icecream incentive mixed in for the next jarful! :)

    For Annette, we may be sampeling the tonights grand opening. Why? because I have the best wife ever!

  4. i like this idea Annette. hope the "sparkly"attitudies of helpfullness and loving kindness continue! What was the prize girls? One day I will be calling you Annette with advice..when asked of Alayna if she wants to be diciplined ( meaning we hold in her our lap and not let go..she very much dislikes this)she wholeheartedly says "YEAH!"...oh no...Shes got some strong will in her for sure...or mabye thats normal...i dont know..but all that to stay, gald you found a "fun" method to keep the peace so to speak. ( i had a teacher do something like this..except if the whole class was bad, she would dump it out and make us start over!...