Tuesday, March 3, 2009

what a "hoot" ...as Jaeron used to say in her southern accent :)

Imagine 70-80 parents/grandparents, about 40 camera/videocam's, plus 22 students and one teacher jammed into the 2nd grade classroom! That was "A King for Brass Cobweb" in which CJoy starred as Hoot the owl. She was FABULOUS. I mean REALLY. So brave, confident, and with "nervous" energy and great expression remembered every word of her lines. SO PROUD. SO thankful...to the Lord for giving her (us) the opportunity of a passionate and just, well, tremendous teacher. It was a play very well done.


  1. (a big pat on the back) atta girl CharisJoy! I bet you were a great Hoot! Maybe we can see it someday if mom taped it! :-) Can you believe just 3 short months till summer break!

  2. Tim and MichelleMarch 3, 2009 at 6:35 PM

    Wish I could have seen it...did you video it??...proud of you Charis!!!

  3. Thanks for letting me play "aunt"! She was so cute and did a wonderful job! She has a WONDERFUL teacher! =)