Thursday, February 19, 2009

my new favorite "word" CURA

broken down this word combines two very different aspects...the first being to "care"...the compassionate being there for a person in need. To "care" I must "be" involved in what I am doing. The 2nd, "cure" requires that I know "what" I am doing for the purpose of nurturing a person toward health. Ok, now a quote from Paul Tripp to tie this all together..."Caring does not actually cure. Much of our caring nourishes sin"..."the wound is access to others" (Sin squeezes the cure out of care). How does this affect how we "care" for our children? We must ask God for eyes and hearts of wisdom. To be completely dependent on God for the ability to recognize pain in our walk in support beside them...knowing that God IS ALWAYS behind the scenes at work doing SOMEthing. We do not want to "interrupt" the work of God in our children's lives by always "rescuing" them from the pain of life. At the SAME time, we do not leave them helpless, overwhelmed and drowning. Balance. Wisdom. The grace of God in parenting. :)


  1. I like this- thanks for sharing :)

  2. I like the way you do "word" studies and come out with the meanings! Yes, as parents it is so easy to try to put a bandaid on and hope the hurt goes away and so hard to see our children hurt! May we continue as parents of adult kids and now grandkids keep consulting the Doctor of Doctors and allowing HIM to "curar las heridas!" Thanks for your reflections.